Patients who have a higher cortisol level on admission with COVID19 have a more severe case.

So let’s look at 3 big factors which causes raised cortisol, part of your bodies stress response:

1. FEAR: this is why fear suppresss the immune system. The number one reason to turn off your TV and do things that feed your soul and lower your stress response!!!

2. Steroid meds: corticosteroids used in many chronic health conditions including COPD and Asthma (both respiratory πŸ™„) push the body into a fight or flight response but suppress the immune system and any pathogen that the body is trying to control will have free reign to proceed. This is why patients struggle to reduce steroid meds without an exacerbation.

3. Sugar: Regular, high sugar intakes may keep your levels elevated. Consuming sugar is especially linked to higher cortisol in obese individuals. Also making diabetic patients with imbalanced insulin at a higher risk of covid severity.

Let’s also look at the government advice given:

1. Fear, Fear, Fear driven through mainstream media.

2. Dexamethosone is now being touted as a life saving treatment for covid. You guessed it…. it’s a corticosteroid:

3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have not once seen or heard any advice being given by the government or adviser regarding nutrition, especially sugar. Yesterday they advised pubs can open but not gyms… need I say more πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ