Wearing a mask is an act of hate

Wearing a mask is an act of hate, as the wearer is judging and accusing others of being or possibly being “contaminated” and enemies and therefore worthy of violence to be inflicted upon them in order to be “disinfected,” or killed if necessary, for “the good of humanity.” Most people are not capable of thinking so deeply, but this is really what’s happening with this doctrine. Further, others are not allowed to not believe in germ theory doctrine and are forced to believe it or be ridiculed or, once again, be met with some sort of violence. So here we have it – judgmentalism, false accusations, intolerance, and hatred. To delve a little deeper, germ theory is simply repackaged disease-causing evil spirit theory where only a few “enlightened” ones are skilled in the anti-science craft of supposedly seeing the alleged infectious agents with special equipment that only they have access to. Essentially germ theory is a religious hate doctrine.