Possible Causes of Gender Confusion

“..vaccines cause gender confusion as well.

Injected dna from an aborted fetus into the opposite gender would definitely cause gender confusion. So giving someone an extra dominant X chromosome would also play a role in feminizing men”

Here’s the study. He got a lot of hate after because it goes against the liberal narrative that men are “born this way” and reveals the deep state’s agenda which is to feminize future generations of men.


MRC-5 is from an aborted BOY baby, and WI-38 is from an aborted GIRL baby. Every child in the United States who is vaccinated according to the CDC’s Childhood Schedule is being injected with vaccines containing the DNA of BOTH sexes – girls are being injected with male DNA and boys are being injected with female DNA.

DNA can actually be oncogenic or infectious. Additionally, DNA can cause insertion mutagenesis through integration into the host genome. Not only damaged human cells, but also healthy human cells can take up foreign DNA spontaneously. Foreign human DNA taken up by human cells will be transported into nuclei and be integrated into host genome which can cause phenotype change.


“Men’s penises are half-an-inch SMALLER if they are exposed to high levels of chemicals in non-stick frying pans and fast food packaging while in the womb, study finds”


Click the link to see a list of pHARMA Drugs That Can Cause Gynecomastia —

Gyne refers to female and mastia the breast. Gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) is a disease that affects men, involving excess growth of the tissue in the male breast.

It results from an imbalance between androgen, a male sex hormone, such as testosterone, and the female hormone, estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for stimulating female sexual characteristics. In an imbalance between the sex hormones with estrogen predominating, men will develop breasts.

Drugs That Can Cause Gynecomastia – [http://www.drugsdb.com/blog/drugs-that-can-cause-gynecomastia.html?fbclid=IwAR3GiQzAyWNhKdcS-wzsbMGRfiotq8WxXOlrycNPrunexh6cJ398h9R58N8#ixzz6PBcBQmX7](http://www.drugsdb.com/blog/drugs-that-can-cause-gynecomastia.html?fbclid=IwAR3GiQzAyWNhKdcS-wzsbMGRfiotq8WxXOlrycNPrunexh6cJ398h9R58N8#ixzz6PBcBQmX7)

Soon men will be locked down just because they’re men and they’ll sit for the most part, because most are feminized. https://youtu.be/4oOgNAIasO0

I’m not even a super strong alpha. We need people like this man standing tall as well……people in the system. This quote was so well said. A super powerful rugby player in Australia said he won’t take a vaccine do play the sport because it’s his choice and not the government’s. The governemnt asked the league to “fire” him and everyone told the government to fuck off. And that’s because they’re real men and won’t have the beta males in government trying to bully them. See, police can’t surround and bully 26 professional rugby players and everyone on the planet knows it. When real men stand up, the bullying stops.

The strong men are rising. As evil rises to a certain height, the strong men are forced to start paying attention. A…

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