List of Professionals and Experts Speaking Out About the Current Situation

Here are a list of professionals and experts who are speaking out about the current situation.  SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE.

Consultants /Doctors / Virologists/ Microbiologists and Nurses:

– Dr. Rashid Buttar

– Dr. Andrew Kaufman

– Dr. Annie Bukacek

– Dr. Scott Jensen – (also a US senator)

– Dr. Stella Immanuel

– Dr. Mark Devlin

– Dr. Vernon Coleman

– Dr. Carrie Madej

– Dr. Thoman Cowan

– Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

– Dr. James Hidrith

– Dr. Heiko Shoning

– Dr. Bruce Lipton

– Dr. Robert Young

– Dr. Judy Mikovits

– Prof. Dolores Cahill

– Dr Kevin Corbett

– Dr Malcolm Kendrick

– Mr.Muhammad Iqbal Adil (NHS Consultant, suspended for 12 months)

– Dr Ron Daniels

– Dr John Lee (Former professor of pathology)

– Dr Simone Gold

–  Americas Frontline Doctors group

– Dr Roberto Petrella

– Dr. Dan Erickson

– Dr. Muhammad Igbal Adil

– Dr. Kelly Victory

– Francis Abraham

– Dr. Fidel Fernandez

– Edwin A. Burn

– Homer Lim

– Dr.Edwin Bien

– Dr. Ericson

– Dr. Ivette Lozano

– Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

– Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

– Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

– Dr. Joel Kettner

– Dr. John Loannidis

– Dr. Yoram

– Dr Pietro Vernazza

– Frank Ulrich Mongomery

– Dr. Yanis Roussel

– Dr. David Katz

– Dr. Michael Osterholm

– Dr. Peter Goetzsche

– Dr. Sunetra Gupta

– Dr. Karin Molling

– Dr. Anders Tegnell

– Dr. Pablo Goldscmidt

– Dr. Eran Bendavid

– Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

– Dr. Tom Jefferson

– Dr. Michael Levitt

– Dr. Richard Schabas

– Dr. Murcato Ravindrefed

– Nurse Kate Shemirani

– Julian Rose

– Barbara ONeil

– Dr Mike Yeadon (former Chief scientific advisor of Pfizer)

– Dr. Andreas Grundhaven

– Dr. Merton Yipple

– Dr. Barton Berstaffler

– Dr Carl Heneghan (Oxford Uni, Centre for Evidence Based Medicine)

Not to mention the thousands of other medical doctors, nurses, hospital staff, professionals and scientists who’s videos/comments/interactions/exposures/stories are being banned, deleted and blocked on social media daily.

Professors and Scientists

– Prof. Yavid Finkelstein

– Prof. Swami Bhakhavavadvad

– Prof. Graham Axlerod

– Prof. Jennifer Hintze

– Prof. Hendrik Streeck

– Prof. Qiong Hong-Lamin

– Professor Knut Wittkowski

– Prof. Richard Ennos

– Prof. Dolores Cahill

– Prof. Senetra Gupta

– Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt (Stanford biophysicist)

– Piers Corbyn (UK-astrophysicist)

– Prof. Knut Wittkowski (Bio-Statistician)


– Francis Hoare (Barrister)

– Lord Sumption (Former justice of the Supreme Court / barrister/ judge)

– Robert F Kennedy Jnr (lawyer and campaigner see also Children’s Health Defense)

– Clare- Wills Harrison (lawyer fighting for current care home situation)

– There are also many lawyers gathering evidence and experiences from any medical staff who have been unfairly dismissed for breaking gag orders

MP’s / Politicians:

Steve Baker (Tory MP)

Desmond Swayne (Tory MP)

David Kurten (London Assembly Member)

Martin Daubney (former MEP /Journalist)

Richard Tice (Brexit Party chairman)

Lord Jack McConnell, (former labour politician)

Sir Charles Walker (Tory MP)

Journalists and Reporters:

Peter Hitchens (journalist and commentator)

UK Column News

Dan Wootton (Talk Radio)

Alan Jones (Sky News Australia)

Rowan Dean (Sky News Australia)

Anna Brees (former BBC journalist)

James Corbett (The Corbett Report )

John Rappoport (No More Fake News)

Solari Report (Catherine Austin Fitts)

Alex Belfield (former BBC /ITV journalist)


Rachel Elnaugh (Dragons Den)

Peter Ebdon (Snooker world champion)

John Bishop (Comedian)

Howard Donald (TakeThat)

Carol Mc Giffin (Loose Women)

Matt Le Tissier (Sky Sports)

Denise Welch (actress / Loose Women)

Richard and Judy Madeley (daytime TV hosts)

Laurence Fox (actor)

Del Bigtree (Researcher and host)

Novak Djokovic (sportsman)

Ian Brown (Stone Roses)

Jim Corr (The Corrs)

Liam Gallagher (Oasis)

Lord Sugar

Others with significant and relevant information you can easily find on social media

– Leah Butler Smith

– Simon Dolan (Keep Britain Free)

– Jaclyn Dunne

– Louise May Creffield (extensive knowledge and expertise in law)

– Ellie Grey (vaccine researcher)

– Tammy Herrema Clark (PPE expert)

– Off Guardian

– Amazing Polly

– Charles Ward

– Louise Hampton (former 111 staff, trained in covid course)

– Carly Preston (Nurse Sacked For Attending Protest)

Reminder that this is a small dent in the real number as many are unable to speak up in order protect their livelihoods and careers. Many reputations have already been destroyed by the media for anyone brave enough to tell their truth. To avoid smear campaigns and lying mainstream media desperately trying to silence these people, I would recommend looking up any of these on a search engine other than Google (duckduckgo for example), YouTube or on their own websites.