PCR tests and the faulty theory

PCR tests and the faulty theory – copied from a comment on a other thread.

PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) and antibody tests are used for some sort of proof of a viral infection but these are in terrible error.

This method was designed by the great Dr. Kary Mullis PhD who won a Nobel Prize for  his work and died in 2019 at the age of 74. He was the first to note the agenda in the halls of science, the scam of HIV and the religious fervour of the need to have a contagious virus causing disease. Beliefs and facts have gotten intermingled, or else we could have a calm and rational discussion about it. Instead when the evidence is brought to the fore-front, people get angry and emotional. Scientists that ask these questions get their funding cut and are no longer allowed to publish in scientific journals.

The PCR technique was helpful in order to multiply existing DNA material so that it could be sufficiently measured. However, it has been used as a proof of some sort of existence of pathogens, rather than being used as a tool for identifying DNA fragments.

Antibodies remove toxins (called antigens) from the body alongside other cells (called complement) to assist them. They identify them by tagging them for removal. Once the foreign material is out of the body, you will no longer have antibodies.

Tell me if this makes sense: You are healthy, tested, then told you have a specific antibody, so you are protected. However, if you are ill and you test for that antibody you are told you have a disease. That is very confusing! Which is it? What this means is titres are irrelevant in terms of some idea of ‘protection’ and only mean you are still toxic. The antibody theory is absolute junk science.

​Memory cells are there to help the body learn about the environment it lives in, to ensure self is self and to identify non-self materials that should not be present in the body.

Germs will never infect normal tissue. Viruses are non-infectious and do not exist as the magicians will have you believe. Read the book Virus Mania to understand more. I have created plenty of YouTube videos on this topic as well.

Microbes are your own and are pleomorphic which means they can change shape as needed for the job at hand, to remove dead, dying or damaged tissue. A bacterium can change into a fungus which can change into a spore. The image below is from a scientific study identifying these pleomorphic bacteria in healthy subjects.

​We have bacteria in the blood! All of us! It is there to help us, not to harm us. Not to infect or cause trouble for fun.

Foreign material of any sort is quickly removed simply because it is non-self. The idea of an immune system was run-off-with by the pharmaceutical industry to sell the germ theory lie. The term came from simply describing the lymphoid system in 1943, however literally every aspect of our bodies is there for protection from ‘non-self’.

There is no ‘one system’ that vaccines can magically support, in fact, the opposite. Vaccines completely confuse what is self and non-self, leading to all sorts of tissue damage, protein malformations, DNA breakages, infections from chronic inflammation and mitochondrial damage, cell communication problems, nervous system disorders, literally EVERY system can be damaged by these poisons depending on the type, location, age, genetic display as well as other internal environmental factors most certainly leading to chronic disease if the host survives it, specifically cancer.

PCR tests are created by taking putrid cellular matter created by shocking bodily bacterium using things like cortisol and pleomorphically changing them into phage forms or spore forms (the bacterial information protection format). As well, other artifacts can be manufactured, like rearranged DNA or RNA from the human genome. It depends on the poisons used and what is inside the putrid matter.

It is also important to understand that PCR technique is a multiplication technique and not a quantification technique! It gives no valuable information other than making more of what is existing in the putrid matter. It is not discerning and it is not a ‘test’, it is a method.

Someone who is undergoing detoxification (aka is sick, has symptoms of the body removing unwanted material) will have plenty of these “shock proteins” in their body caused by inflammation which damages cells. This putrid matter is used to match with their ‘evidence’. So voila, you now have a), b), or c) disease. As Dr. Stefan Lanka says, it is a circular argument. This how they are testing for all sorts of mythical viruses in lab, making up their statistics and fancy graphs, all based on a lie. It simply is a magic show.

Say someone is ill, they are detoxing poisons from their body which is what colds and flu are, someone takes their blood, sputum, or any other waste product, adds it to a petri dish, adds chemicals to the dish which shocks the bacterium and breaks the DNA further, they locate the genetic material either from bacteria or the host cells, run it through the PCR to amplify the material so it is seen, measures the size and declares the ’cause’ of the disease! Now anyone else who presents SIMILARLY (not same or identical, but close enough) will be tested in the same manner and if THEIR putrid matter lines up with the same WEIGHT and size as seen on the PCR and/or western blot, VOILA you have the disease! “And you are in luck as WE have something FOR YOU!” Now they can make billions of dollars on the “cure” in forms of a vaccine, antibiotic or another poisonous drug. However, if you are healthy, you can also test ‘positive’ because just like in the HIV/AIDS hoax, we ALL have these bacteria in our bodies.

It is a scam, a sham and I feel embarrassed for these so-called scientists and doctors who are running around in the cult of scientism, more ignorant than the day they were born. These are the ones that suppress, mock and attack anyone telling the truth, calling them the things they themselves are, quacks, scam artists, fakes.