Meningitis emergency, 34 thousand people vaccinated between Brescia and Bergamo, in Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

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In Brescia 9,200 people were vaccinated through special clinics, plus 1,700 people treated by doctors and paediatricians, 1,000 students and 300 workers

By editorial team –18 January 20200

Almost 34 thousand people have been vaccinated against Meningocus C in a few weeks, with peaks of 70% of the expected target. The first phase of the regional action plan can therefore end, with the end of the activities of most of the 14 extraordinary clinics.

This was stated by the Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region Giulio Gallera, commenting on the results of the first step of the vaccination safety belt that the Lombardy Region, together with the Bergamo and Brescia ATSs and the reference ASSTs, has activated in the Basso Sebino area and Grumello where, in the last month, there have been 5 cases of meningococcal C sepsis, two of which are fatal.

“We will not let our guard down – continued the councilor – and from Monday 20 January it will still be possible to get vaccinated for free through general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice in their professional practices. Furthermore, scheduled vaccinations will continue in schools and companies that have expressed their willingness to host them according to the already defined calendar. The extraordinary clinic in Villongo will remain open and the usual activity of the vaccination centers of Sarnico, Grumello del Monte and Iseo will continue “.

β€œIn the municipalities of the province of Bergamo affected by the extraordinary plan – added Gallera – 21,331 citizens have vaccinated, of which 1680 students directly in schools and 2414 workers in their companies. As many as 40 general practitioners in the area have joined this unprecedented operation, through the proactive call of their patients. In the Brescia area, on the other hand, 9200 people were vaccinated through special clinics, in addition to 1700 people treated by GPs and paediatricians of free choice, 1000 students and 300 workers in the company, for a total of 12,200 citizens ”. (here the data released a few days ago on vaccinations).

The extraordinary safety belt was launched by the Lombardy Region starting from last December 24 with the free offer of vaccination. It concerned resident citizens and permanent workers in the Lower Sebino and Grumello areas, aged between 18 and 60, in addition to the range of adolescents up to 18 years, anticipating the call already provided for by the regional plan.