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Some of David Icke’s books but not all –

Micheal Tasarion’s – info –

Dr, Andrew Kaufman explains what viruses don’t exist, including COVID –

In the video inside this article, Dr. Robert Willner proves the same but 30 years earlier, viruses don’t exist……including the AIDS virus.

Scientists proved in 1919 that viruses weren’t contagious –

Max Igan rolls some video regarding the predictive programming of the big virus out of China, from 1959.. –

640 Medical Doctors in Germany have a 2 hour conference to conclude that COVID is a worldwide scam.

Motorcycle death listed as COVID because it’s all about faking out the TV watchers –

At this link we have many other medical doctors, scientists and health care workers explaining the COVID

Doctor Tim O’Shea offers $5000 reward for anyone to prove a COVID diagnosis –

Medical doctor, Dr. Carire Madej, explains the devastating consequences of the new COVID vaccine –

John Taylor Gatto clearly reviews the history of public schooling, proving it only exists to destroy the intelligence of the children –

Italian medical doctor realizes that the Nazi patterns are coming back above ground and that it’s a good time to speak up –

A massive cache of information regarding the energy magician pedophiles in the high positions of business, government and religion. –

The book “The Devil Takes the Youngest” – –

David Icke and Dr. Andrew Kaufman exposes that one particular company who is running the fake and fraudulent RT-PCT test (for covid) rigs the test so it’s testing for human DNA – which means everyone taking it will be declared COVID positive. –

Canada’s Top Constitutional Lawyers sues all levels of Federal and Provincial Government plus the municipality of Toronto for lying to every Canada during the COVID scamdemic.