Why I don’t vaccinate

Firstly vaccines DO NOT offer immunity (as most people are led to believe) so ask yourself….how many people do you know that are over the age of 20 that have had a booster to these so called ‘horrific’ illnesses….NONE (unless they work in the NHS they might have)….so that means us adults are all walking around ‘unprotected’ from these ‘horrific’ diseases that vaccines apparently ‘protect’ us from!

4.8 billion paid out in vaccines damages

Pharmaceutical companies spend more money on advertising than they do on research.

Illness such as measles, mumps and chickenpox etc are ALL treatable and when caught in their natural form, actually protect from certain cancers etc

You can search about how much information on vaccines doctors get.  IIRC it is about 16 pages out of 6500 in their books, 12 or so of those pages are the schedule, 2 are where to inject, 1 was the history and 1 page was a bit of information.   So, from that it seems to me than many parents who have researched know far, far more than a doctor with their medical degree.

Doctors surgeries are paid £9.10 for every vaccine they give….

They care about MONEY not about LIFE

Whooping cough vaccine is a fine example of what ‘The real bigger picture is’

It’s advertised and pushed onto every single pregnant women in the U.K….yet the vaccine insert itself states that IT HAS NEVER been tested during pregnancy and should never be given during pregnancy

Vaccines will never be safe because the entire point of vaccinations is to cause debilitating neurological damage and create a sick and diseased population. Take one look around our society today and you’ll see this to be true. Children wearing helmets. Teenagers still in diapers. Kids everywhere with allergies, adhd, autoimmune problems, autism SIDS cancer. ALL of which have been skyrocketing since the vaccination scheduled increased  30 years ago . All by design.

I have come to the conclusion that I would rather protect my children from these deadly vaccinations than the treatable illnesses

In an ideal world, the government should actually be promoting breastfeeding, organic healthy diets, and holistic therapy to prevent and treat illness.

I also recommend you watch a video Called “Vaxxed” then laugh at me

Things that make you go hmm…

1. The measles vaccine (MMR) sheds. It is a live virus vaccine.

Evidence of viral shedding from MMR vaccination:




2. Vaccinated individuals can spread the virus after being vaccinated. You can read about the vaccine causing measles right on the vaccine insert.


3. Over 397 children have died from the MMR vaccine according to VAERS. And thousands have been permanently injured.


4. Measles is NOT a life threatening illness for almost all children. If a child is immunocompromised a common cold is deadly.

Symptoms of Measles:


5. Studies show that contracting measles NATURALLY actually protects the body against other illnesses later in life and a person would have life long immunity if they contracted natural measles instead of waning “vaccine” protection.

•Evidence that NATURAL Measles infection may protect again certain cancers:




•Evidence that natural measles infection reduces risk of allergies (atopy)







•Evidence that natural measles and mumps protect against cardiovascular disease


6. Pharma will keep trying to make you scared of this mild childhood illness until you fully educate yourself.

7. When you see hysteria on the news about the current “outbreaks” realize this is part of a bigger agenda to push more mandatory vaccine laws across the nation. Especially since there have been more deaths within the last 10 years in the U.S. linked to the MMR Vaccine than deaths from measles itself.