Are the Population Decrease Forecasts for 2025 Linked to the Number of People Injected?

I followed a hunch and decided to do a bit of analysis on the Deagel population forecast figures for 2025, and compare them to the number of people receiving at least 1 dose of the covid injection.

The Deagal population forecast figures have been taken down (or at least hidden from public view), but thanks to, can still be found.

I also went to the website Our World in Data and found numbers of people, by country, who had received 1 or more doses of the injection.

I then input each country’s numbers (as at 13th December 2021, when I downloaded the data) next to their population figures, and noticed certain countries showed similarities in numbers receiving the injection, and numbers of forecast population decrease.

So I tried to chart them all, but there were odd discrepancies that didn’t fit.

I followed another hunch after looking at the countries where there was the greatest correlation to injected numbers and population decrease, after noticing that the greatest correlations were with countries that would be considered “first world” or higher income countries.

So I added in another data point for each country: income status as designated on the World Bank website.

I filtered all the high income designated countries, and then plotted the forecast population decrease along with the number of people who had had at least 1 dose of vaccination.

The chart I came up with is below, and the data spreadsheet is available for download below that.