Jennifer Lawrence’s parents were the Browns who were a wealthy family. Jennifer Lawrence’s real name is Molly Brown. After Jennifer’s father’s untimely death due to illness, her uncle took over the family’s estate and sent Jennifer to Camp Hi-Ho, an elite horseback riding camp.From there, Molly was sent to live with the Lawrence family by the uncle without her mother’s knowledge, apparently. The Lawrences changed her name to “Jennifer” and sent her off to auditions where she was quickly “discovered” and her acting career began. To date, Jennifer’s birth mom has never been in contact with her, as far as anyone knows. Was she sold? Kidnapped? What exactly?Below is a photo of “Jennifer Lawrence” AKA Molly Brown a child. To this date, her real mother has never spoken to “Jennifer” again, but has written a book about what happened and reached out to “Jennifer” several times.