The Cream Team – Exposing the Seedy Underworld of Pro Wrestling

Do any of your friends or family members like WRESTLING?If so, please watch the video below made by my friend Jamie Dlux. People don’t know this, but most athletes have to participate in horrific sexual rites and sexual abuses in exchange for fame and fortune. These rites involve fellow players and even members of their OWN family. As long as they remain quiet, they will see their star rising. 🌟🤫In this video, with clips that date back to the early 80s’, you’ll see some of the abuses exposed, but believe me it gets much worse than this! And no, these are NOT one-off instances, this is the entertainment industry AT LARGE! Just think of the videos of Tom Brady inappropriately kissing his young son. Many people denied it but it was definitely this same kind of ritualistic behaviors I mentioned above. BE CAREFUL WHO & WHAT YOU FOLLOW!