UK Government Publish Plans for Human Augmentation

After several “conspiracy theories” such as vaccine passports and a vaccine divided two-tier society have come true, this document published on the website is perhaps the most terrifying yet.

“Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm” epitomises the elites’ vision for those who survive the eugenical vaccine programme. Pioneered by German and UK Ministries of Defence, this 110 page document contains horror show after horror show in blueprints and plans, including talk of “neurostimulation”, 3D bioprinting and microchipping. Here are just a few quotes to paint an image of how beyond sick and twisted these demons are:

“over the next 30 years our ability to manipulate the human body will radically improve”

“human augmentation is inevitable because: we have already developed technologies and there is no going back”

“once inserted, these ‘chips’ can be used for a great variety of identification purposes”

This is beyond dystopian, there if it wasn’t already apparent are no brakes on the globalist train. Normies cannot be woken up to this because they have been conditioned through the repeat exposure effect to LOVE technology. This plandemic has NEVER been about a virus, it is about control and ushering in a worldwide tyranny!

It is clear “the coming of the Biotech age” is inevitable and unstoppable, but as human beings it is our duty to reject evil until our final breath.