This is a collection of information sources, documentaries, websites, talks, journal articles, screenshots, opinion pieces and anything else I have found about various things that are going on in the world right now that I found interesting or wanted to read/watch/follow-up on.

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I haven’t read/watched/fact-checked a lot of them; I’m just a collector of interesting information and feel it’s up to each individual to do their own due diligence on what they feel to be real and what they feel the need to research further and find out more or to verify the information provided. 

I just find the fact that a lot of this information is being censored on a lot of the main platforms right now concerning, so I started trying to download and collate sources, and saving them. The amount of sources coming out now though is so huge that oftentimes I only have time to save a link, and sadly some of those then get deleted. Twitter accounts are being taken down at a rapid rate (I know, as my personal Twitter account was suspended!), and I just don’t have time to download all the information I come across. This is already HOURS of work every week, just finding the info!

I believe it’s more important than ever to be able to access a wide-range of information, especially conflicting viewpoints, to enable us to critically evaluate all information, rather than just all being spoon-fed a narrow narrative. 

Keep an open mind and heart, and question everything!  Even supposedly ‘bizarre’ ideas might have an element of truth in them.  After all, Galileo was considered a heretic in his time for suggesting that the Earth revolved around the sun 😉  

I’ve tried to split it into rough categories, but the nature of some of the information is that it could easily fit into two categories; for instance, a research article about a Covid-19 vaccination could be stored under the coronavirus category and the vaccination category. 

I don’t claim any copyright for any of these pieces of information (unless it is an original piece I myself have created).  I merely saved these with a view to bypassing the censorship happening right now and allowing people to continue viewing, digesting, and sharing items of interest.

I have been saving this information since all this first started, and originally I had it all in a Word document with links to a cloud storage facility on OneDrive, where everything was collated carefully and downloadable. Then, in July, I found Microsoft had stopped allowing access to my entire cloud storage, with no explanation as to why. So everything I had worked hard to curate and collate so carefully was lost 🙁

Fortunately though, because I had carefully kept links to many of the original sources, I was able to start going through and finding some of the original items and re-download them. I also needed an alternative storage space that I had more control of, so I have set-up this website and created a BitChute account for uploading videos to. Click to watch the videos I have on there.

I’m not as happy with the layout and collating of the information as I was before, but as you can probably appreciate, the original was WEEKS of work, and now, as new sources come available all the time and I still only have spare snippets of time for downloading, collating, uploading etc, I’m having to just get them up here for now, in any kind of order, and not worry too much about how untidy it all is!!

If you find any additional information that you feel should be included in this website, please email a link, or send it as an attachment, with a brief description of it, the approximate date you accessed it and if possible, the original source, to me at the following email address,


Equally and perhaps even more importantly, if you come across a source that reliably debunks any of the information included here, please email me with the full reference and a link to the post it is debunking (and if a video, it would be handy to have the rough timestamp of the claim you are refuting as some of them are hours long!), and I’ll include it as an additional source, with a note explaining what it is refuting.

Thank you 😊

Happy reading, learning, and sharing!